What really matters to us!

I have the simplest tastes.
I am aways satisfied with the best.
(Oscar Wilde)

restaurant graz

Ever since the Altsteirische Schmankerlstube was funded in 1995 by Theresia Oberländer and her daughters, the restaurant has been dedicated to providing the ideal fine dining experience. Over the last 20 years it was, and still is, the passion of the family for creating the perfect atmosphere and for serving the best traditional meals, that turned the restaurant into one of the best places in Graz. The family Oberländer is also proud that they have been at the heart of so many warm memories and they are also proud to be inspiring more memories for their guests every day.

In the traditional and comfortable dining rooms our guests will always be satisfied a 100%, as a result of personal commitment and the individual attention every guest receives from the family.

The family has also set high value on the cooperation with local farmers and small local businesses, where only the best whole food products are bought. Therefore the 100% genuine pumpkin seed oil, one of the traditional specialities that make for example fresh salads to a pure culinary experience, comes from the Leitinger mill in Ligist, Styria. This is also the village where the family Oberländer has its roots. The restaurant also offers a range of natural juices made by an organic farmer in Styria. However, these are just examples of the wide variety of high quality products the Altsteirische Schmankerstube offers.


It is the combination of the high quality products, the careful arrangement of our meals, the personal commitment of the family and the effort of the students working as waiters and waitresses that guarantees the well-being and satisfaction of our guests throughout their visit in the Altsteirische Schmankerlstube.